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Chromium VI reduction module

The module is designed in such a way that it can be docked to any ECM – system as an Add-on module. It only requires the installation of two dosaging tubes, two wires and one pH probe.

The dosage of substances takes place largely automatically. The ECM – system shows the current value of power and so it is possible to determine the amount of produced Chromium VI and the dosing quantity of iron-Il-sulfate can be adjusted.

The module, coming with a collecting tray and dosing tank, guarantees a safe filling and canonical storage of highly water hazardous liquids. The module will be set up and installed by S+B Tech.

Operation of the module: The iron-Il-sulfate salt needs to be prepared in the 120 L dosing tank. For this purpose, an entire sack of iron-Il-sulfate has to be given in the tank and then be filled up with demineralized water. After that the stirrer needs to be turned on through the control system. Everything else will be regulated by the control system. The container of sodium hydroxide will be replaced by a new one if it is empty. The control system displays the fill and empty level.

Technical data: