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Information about Chromium VI

Chromium VI reduction module

The module is based on the chemical reaction between toxic hexavalent chromate (CrO42) and iron-Il-sulfate (FeSO4) to nontoxic trivalent chromate, which is removed through the filter press as chromium hydroxide (Cr(OH)3). Additionally, sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is needed to keep the pH value constant, because iron-Il-sulfate reacts acidly.

The module is designed in such a way that it can be docked to any ECM – system as an Add-on module. It only requires the installation of two dosaging tubes, two wires and one pH probe.

The dosage of substances takes place largely automatically. The ECM – system shows the current value of power. That makes it possible to determine the amount of produced Chromium VI and the dosing quantity of iron-Il-sulfate can be adjusted.

The advantage of reducing Chromium VI with iron-Il-sulfate and of the module is the use of the frequently proven and most common reduction method of Chromium VI. Compared to other reducing agents, iron-Il-sulfate is the most inexpensive option. The module, coming with a collecting tray and dosing tank, guarantees a safe filling and correct storage of highly water hazardous liquids.

It should be noted: By dosing the additional liquids to the Chromium VI reduction it might happen that under certain circumstances the spare electrolyte has to be disposed. The introduced iron-Il-sulfate causes an amount of sludge which has to be disposed through the chamber filter press.

Technical data: